Some people pray for fortune,

Some pray for academic achievements,

Some for fame in number likes and followers on Social Media,

Some for material procession,

While others for vengeance,

But I pray for happiness,

Not happiness in these, but in peace of mind,

I pray for motivation in seeking peace and love from the heavens,

I pray these for everyone, including my enemies,

For we are running out of time and just aging,

Why hate and greed? When we can just be simple?

Oh heavens, I wish you hear my prayers!

For I’ve already open the doors to my heart,



A beautiful vase

My heart and love is a vase,
I made it with all my best,
But you break into big pieces
But I've pick it up and glue it back together,
And give it to you because I love you,
But you were blind and misled,
By people who hated me,

And you break it again,
This time, it is in smaller pieces,
Picked it up and glue it back together,
And give it to you because I still love you,
But your attention,love and appreciation,
Is with someone else,

But I still love you with all my heart,
and took me a while to beautify my vase,
This time you've accepted it,
For a while,
Because the love for that someone else,
Is so great that you could not overcome it,
And you drop it with great force,

My vase is my heart and love,
Its in tiniest pieces,
Like a size of an ant,
I took my time to fix it,
You saw me struggle and regretted everything,
Your tears and echoes of forgiveness sung on me,
I forgive you, and watched you happily run with him,
And here I am, picking up pieces one after another,

And this time, I won't give it to anyone else.